From bustling public places to educational institutions, health care organizations and everywhere in-between, the X1 Atomizer is a powerful tool for cleaning and sanitization that not only protects your environment, but also makes your employees feel as comfortable about coming back to work as your guests and customers will feel about walking through your doors again.

Some of the industries we serve include:

Property management
Effectively clean and sanitize commons areas and high-traffic spaces with the X1 Atomizer to protect tenants and visitors.

Give customers the safety and security they need to shop in peace by using the X1 Atomizer to safely clean everything from their favorite stores to the food court.

Schools and day care centers
From students to teachers to other educational staff, the X1 Atomizer can keep them all protected when used to disinfect and sanitize high-traffic and high-touch areas.

City agencies and transportation
The X1 Atomizer can not only be used in city agencies and their associated public spaces, but also to sanitize vehicles and waiting areas associated with the MTA, DOT, and more.

Gyms, studios and personal training venues
There’s no question that germs love to hang out in hot, sweaty spaces, which is why the X1 Atomizer is key for cleaning equipment, high-touch surfaces, and even locker rooms.

Hospitals and medical centers
From walk-in clinics to the medical world’s most prestigious hospitals, the X1 Atomizer is on-hand to combat contamination, outbreaks and viruses that can cause complications. 

Car dealers
Both the high-trafficked areas of a dealership and the high-touch surfaces of cars gain superior sanitization from the X1 Atomizer to ensure a safe space to shop.

Funeral homes
The X1 Atomizer is a valuable tool for cleaning no or low-touch environments, and maintaining hygienic spaces. 

Sanitize and disinfect everything from ATMs to teller stations, protecting both bank patrons and staff using the X1 Atomizer.