X1 Atomizer


X1 Atomizer


Giving you the ultimate in flexibility, the X1 Atomizer is engineered to support all your cleaning and sanitization needs using the latest technology and superior construction. Not only is it lightweight for easy mobility, but it’s compatible with any cleaning formula or chemicals, making it an effective solution for sanitizing and disinfecting a variety of environments.

The X1 Atomizer also grants you the ultimate control, allowing you to easily adjust the spray distance with an air control valve, and also help you to regulate the volume of liquid you’re spraying with a solution control valve. And when you’re working in spaces that are difficult to reach or require some extra care and attention, the X1’s swizzle nozzle rotates to help you effectively target these areas.

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Get to Know the X1 Atomizer

  • Fast & efficient

    The X1 Atomizer’s 10,000 rpm rotary atomizer offers coverage up to 3,600 square feet on a single tank, and the ability to cover up to 1,080 square feet per minute.

  • Total control

    Clean with precision by easily adjusting the spray distance with the air control valve and regulate the volume of liquid with the solution control valve.

  • Ultimate flexibility

    Not only is it lightweight for easy mobility, but it’s also compatible with all sprayable solutions and chemicals.

  • Advanced technology

    Effectively clean and sanitize any space with a rotating swivel nozzle to target areas that are difficult to reach.


  • Size

    Dimensions: 25.7” × 7.8” × 12.2”

    Dry weight: 9.6 lbs.

  • Specs

    Rated voltage: 120V

    Tank size: 4L (1.06 gal.)

    Discharge rate: 1.2L/min.

    Spray distance: 10–36 ft.

    Particle size: 20–50 microns

    Continuous usage: 300–400 hours

  • Product Manual